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As some of you know, my idiot dog Lily tangled with the neighbor's long horn cow last Friday. I came home late to find a punctured, limping dog. I hauled her off to the vet at 10:30pm and he knocked her out, cleaned it really good and stitched her back up. We got her back in the car and then I had to figure out how to get a comatose 50lb dog back into the house by myself (the eventual plan involved a blanket and a lot of huffing and puffing on my part). It took Lily a while to come out of the anesthesia so I was up until 2am rubbing her and talking to her to get her to wake up. Finally at 2am I felt confident in letting her actually go to sleep.

The good news is that Lily seems to have come out of her trauma okay. She has slept a lot the last two days, but seems to be healing up okay. She isn't limping and is back to acting like her normal goofy self. Thank heavens. It could have been a lot worse.

This is the infamous cow-


And this is Lily doing her best sleeping Frankenstein impression...

I'd like to think that this has taught Lily to leave the cows alone, but I am not holding my breath. The cow was back up to the fence again tonight and I could see Lily standing there trying to decide if she should charge the fence or not. Sigh. Stupid dog.
The cow is a flat out beauty! Hopefully lily has learned her lesson. The gray around her muzzle indicates she is old enough to have grown some common sense. Hope she has an uneventful recovery.
Yeah, the cow is pretty. The deal with longhorns is that they are fearless. Most cows are skittish and run when the dogs bark. Not so with the longhorns. Same is true of buffalo. They don't run. The dumb dog is really happy and good natured most of the time. For some reason she hates cows. Dork. The injury was totally her fault. The cow was just reacting like cows do.

I would like to think that Lily has learned her lesson. She is 7 years old and certainly old enough to know better. I fuss at her everytime she does it so she is very aware that she should not be doing it. She just hates those suckers. Hopefully the pain will be a reminder.
Sour, sorry I disagree with you my dear old friend. I think the prettiest cow has a baked potato right next to it. I look at that pic, I see a many nice meals and a nifty hat rack.

Lily is still waiting for Kane to bring her some steak tartar on silver platter but his bow wow tie is at the cleaners and he wants to look his best.

City, I doubt Lily learned a dang thing. My dogs hate cows, love cats. They insist on bucking the natural order of things.
Poor Lily, I'm with her, there is something frankly creepy about cows.

Imp- note my avatar

I worry about the aliens
Gritty, I thought you would like the cow picture.
Tell Kane to come on over and play. Lily loves doggie playmates to come visit.

Imp, I'm not sure WHY Lily hates the cows. She just has always felt obligated to bark at them. I'm pretty sure she bit the cow on the nose the other day. Stupid dog.

Much like Gritsar's dogs, we love the kitties. We just don't like cows.

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