Lime in the coop and run.... Need HELP!

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    I'm confused about the use of garden lime in the coop and run. I have a friend who uses it in her coop mixed in the shavings and her chickens are fine. I have also read similar story's to hers. Then I see people saying not to use garden lime where chickens are. R

    Right now my coop has a cement floor and with this winter my bedding is becoming damp even though it's not overly dirty or even smelly. I cleaned it this month and put 6 fresh bags in. My chickens don't have a run, they free range. But in the colder weather they hang in front of then coop more and it was starting to smell. I could even smell it by my house. I wanted to do something about the smell on the ground, went online and learned about lime. That's where I got the idea to use it to dry out the coop.

    I need to know if the is ok to use and how to use it. I want to mix it with the bedding that is already in my coop and sprinkle it on the ground outside the coop after the snow melts. Is this ok to do. Does anyone else do this. Is it effective and how much do I put in the coop and on the ground. Thanks
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    Pelletized lime is completely safe, easier to handle and does not cause any white dust. It costs maybe $1 more a bag but lasts forever and IMO is well worth it.

    I'm not even sure which ones of the white powder forms are safe, but as I understand it, you are correct that some are and some are not.

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