Limp gone long


Jun 22, 2021
Hello. 3 weeks ago, my olive egger took to limping and it has not gone away. I saw no trauma and see no sign of what it could be. She lets me manipulate both feet and legs the same without complaint. She is a gentle bird and loves to be held and pet to sleep.
1yr old. No weight loss. Still lays most days. Has to sit to sleep.
No other birds affected.
Eats and drinks normally. Poop normal.

Thank you
The lump at the base of her toes looks like bumblefoot. It's easy to address ... if a bit gross ... but you'll need to check the emergencies forum for particulars. Good Luck!

EDIT to add : VERY pretty lady!
Yep it also looks like bumblefoot to me. I know the basics are to do an epsom salt foot soak. I don’t know much after that but there’s a bunch of threads on how to treat bumblefoot. Good luck!
Hmmm.. I didn't see a bump on her right foot (there may be a lil poop on the pad) and I can squeeze everywhere on there with no reaction from her. I'm definitely willing to try remedies anyway. Thanks muchly for the weigh-ins so far.
What lump do you guys see?
I was looking at this

But that’s her left🤔
I was looking at thisView attachment 2782456
But that’s her left🤔
Left and right can be confusing on an upside down chicken! The right side of your picture, her left foot. That pea sized lump is NOT supposed t be there. She has grown the lump to protect her foot from whatever is in the middle of it, much like an oyster grows a pearl over an irritating grain of sand inside its' shell ... except that this lump isn't worth anything but a headache! It may not hurt when you manipulate it ... but just try walking around all day with a "pearl" that size (compared to your foot) in your shoe. You'd limp, too ... and eventually it would either infect or cause compensation problems in your other leg. You can start with an Epsom Salt & warm water soak, but you may need to dig out the offending irritant. either way, you'll need to bring that baby to a head to get rid of it ....
Most of us have come across this at some point. If not, we will. It's pretty common. Good Luck!
Thanks again. I can definitely see "on-chicken" the black spot on her left foot. I don't quite understand how that keeps her from putting any weight at all on her right foot, but I'll start the Epsom today and go from there.
Thank you.
Well, now I know that chickens can like spa treatments.
Plug has been removed for a few days. Unfortunately, it's now more obvious it is just her right foot causing the problem. Still won't put pressure, just hangs the leg while walking and barely skateboards with frontmost nail for a tiny bit of forward momentum :(
Nothing noticeable at all on her.

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