Limp in chicken due to broken blood feather

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    Jun 5, 2013
    Hi I was wondering what I should do for my Cochin who is growing new feathers on her feet. One day I saw a bloody spot on the coop by the egg boxes, so I inspected my hens for damage. I thought maybe they caught a mouse! But no turned out my Cochin is growing very large feathers on her feet this year, and she broke two blood feathers. One broken one was preened off eventually and I found it on the ground, the second appeared to be twisted at the shaft on her foot, and twisted inside the hole it would go into the foot. This damage caused her to limp and not out pressure on that foot. I did what I could to trim the length of the foot feathers down, and put bacitracin on the wound. It is a week later today and she is still limping.

    I am asking what people would suggest I do? I am very hesitant to bathe her foot because it hurts her so much and I don't want to do anything else to hurt her further. Research is very limited, and from what I've read people just let them heal so I was planning to do the same but it hasn't gotten better, and I'm worried about infection. The twisted feather no longer twists, and it looks like the broken feather is still growing outward, and the tip is just broken off.

    Please help any advice is much appreciated!!!
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    Oct 28, 2012
    Might be painful or just sore. That is all I can think of. Unless she has bumble foot.

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