Limp in right leg?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Pi-Co, Jan 30, 2016.

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    Jul 14, 2015
    My 8 month old bronze hen has been laying down more lately and that was worrying. It has had a slight limp for about a week but, we just assumed it was it being derpy as a turkey it is normally. Suddenly today it started to heavily favor its left leg over its right and had a hard time getting into the coop. Whereas we have to get it off the top of the coop. I just checked and it had a slightly yellow right foot with a single crack down the middle but nothing more than what appeared to be a wrinkle. So it doesn't appear to be bumble foot? The turkey has had a hard time this winter keeping dry, but it has a hard a heat lamp. I am about to treat the water tomorrow with just normal antibiotics, but what can I do to save my little girl. She's the only one we really liked out of all of the chickens we really liked. She has been eating just fine and has been pushing her way to eat out of the top of the feeder. She has also had normal color fecal matter lately. Here's some video of her walking today :(

    I picked her up today and slightly pressed most of her leg and she didn't freak out at all. Also her foot seems to be fine. Another problem i saw was that she had a awful hard time staying balanced as she tried to run from me today and half flew flopped sideways into the ground :(
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    That appears to be a broad breasted hen, they are prone to leg problems, their legs can't support their weight, and they shouldn't be allowed to roost higher than a foot, I would assume there's something wrong with it's tendons. Rest and weight lose might help. Antibiotics will do nothing and turkeys don't need a heat lamp, they are very hardy and a heat lamp can make them too warm.
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    If coop is large enough keep her in there on soft bedding (straw is fine) with just enough light provided for her to see food/water (low light tends to keep activity level low), if she'll eat canned peaches/grapes dosing with Aspirin is pretty easy (chewable cardiac 81mg) 5 mg for every two pounds, three times a day (ex: 25 mg 10 lb/crush aspirin & divide into three equal piles - three ~27mg doses). Just daub up powder on grapes/mix with chopped up peaches. If nothing else, she'll be more comfortable.

    Keep stress (activity) low and definitely don't let her roost. With luck you'll see some improvement and then diet can be adjusted (BB's that survive, survive as frequently famished, i.e., fed just enough that they don't gain wt.)

    Best of luck!

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