Limping 5 wk old runner duck


Aug 2, 2021
Hi, we’re new to raising ducks and one of our ducklings started to limp yesterday. There’s no obvious signs of anything wrong. Her siblings are fine and they’ve all been receiving duck feed since we got them 2 weeks ago and we regularly give them peas. She’s spent a lot of time either floating in their pool or lying down (and sometimes getting trampled). Wondering if we leave her in the water and/or move her to a crate to rest her leg? If we crate her, does she stay in their pen so she’s not alone? Should we also increase their niacin?
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Show Sebright

Apr 1, 2020
Orlando FL
My friend has runner ducks. Check her feet for anything in them of a scab. She might have sprained. I wouldn’t take her to a vet personally because for runners they heal so fast then when a bone piped out of Sunshine they wrapped it and said she is fine. They are very hardy. A splint might help you can use popsicle stick of toothpicks depending on her foot size. They make duck gloves if you want to keep her feet covered.

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