Limping 9 week old RIR


Apr 4, 2020
We have a RIR red that’s been limping and hobbling around for over three weeks. we don’t see any physical damage to the foot or lower leg, it appears to be maybe up high on the thigh, so we thought it’s a sprain and would get better. She’s eating and drinking fine, she does mainly stay perched in the coop but does come out from time to time. Do sprains take that long to heal? Is there a possibility its permanent? Any suggestions? She’s the sweetest little thing.😢 9A6E0A80-7ABE-487D-B19A-8DBD9F10FA5C.jpeg

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Same chick?

You mention she's staying perched in the coop and comes out from time to time - is she eating/drinking? The staying inside is concerning - are they others picking on her?
I would get some vitamins that contain B2 into her.
No swelling of the joints, legs straight and not crooked?

There's so many things that can cause limping - injury, disease, deformity. An xray could reveal a fracture.

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