Limping Bielefelder


Nov 9, 2020
My 6 mo old Bielefelder pullet started limping on her right foot yesterday afternoon. I looked at her foot this morning and couldn't see any redness, swelling, or a telltale scab. I brought her in anyway and soaked her feet in Epsom salts and hot water and cleaned them well. Wiped them with a disinfectant and rinsed.
She's resting comfortably in my basement now. I'm wondering if its Stage 1 bumblefoot or something else.
She stands on it and moves around. But then picks it up and keeps it up. She was setting in the cold wet yard yesterday and that's how I noticed. She did roost last night no problem. I know she is a heavy breed (already she is 7 lbs and not even laying).

The pic of her foot isn't so great. But what would be the best course? Continue to do soaks? Of just let her rest or put her back out?


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I periodically have birds that limps. I always check their feet and hadn't yet found anything that needs attention. A few times its been broken toenails. A few times I haven't been able to figure it out. Every time so far it has corrected itself in a few days.
I would put her back out with the rest of the flock. I have also had birds over the years that have limped anywhere from one day to many weeks and all cases resolved without any intervention.

I also have 6 month old Bielefelders. They are big, sweet chickens. I could see where they could easily injure themselves just jumping off a roost. Hopefully, yours will recover in a couple days.

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