Limping Chick


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Hello BYC friends,

I just have a quick question about a 5-6 day old chick of mine who has a bad leg. She would only use her right leg to walk and kind of did the flamingo thing when standing in place. I noticed her limping in the brooder and the other chicks were being quite rotten to her, so I moved her to her own box with heat, food, and water. I also splinted her leg and toes for support. The first day she mostly sat still, the second day she was more active and eating/drinking, but now she mostly just sits in one place and makes distressed noises. She can't even seem to walk on her good leg and tries to steady herself with her wings. She doesn't seem to be grooming herself or standing to defecate as there is a wad of dropping on the fuzz below her vent.

Sorry to have such a dour story, I was just wondering if anyone had any insights. I though maybe she was just injured, but she's really going downhill.

Thank you all so much for any insights!

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