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5 Years
Sep 16, 2014
My 4 week old baby chick has started limping. I noticed earlier today he was laying in a corner and didn't want to get up. When he did he kinda wobbled and sat back down. I went to check on him just a little bit ago and noticed that he doesn't want to put weight on his leg. His toes aren't curled but he is in pain because when I tried to see if there was any physical injuries he kept peeping and pulled his leg closer to him. I've read that it might be a slipped tendon but I'm not sure. If it is what's the best way to help the poor guy. He only wants to sit down in the corner of the brooder.
The best thing for him is to confine him to a small space such as a cage or laundry basket with food and water, to force him to rest the leg. Give an adult B Complex tablet in his water or food daily. It may be a sprain or a broken leg or foot as well as a leg deformity. A sprain would be better than a slipped tendon, since those are very hard to help correct. Examine the foot pad, the toes, and the bones and joints for redness or selling. Especially look at the hock or elbow for swelling. Here are a few links to help you figure out what is wrong:
I made him a sling to try and see if that will help. I made sure he had enough food and water that he can get to and to have him off the ground enough to let his leg stretch out. I'm pretty sure he hates me right now. I'll post pictures

I sure hope the sling helps--he looks pretty cute in there. T-shirts and panty hose make pretty good slings. It's always fun to see what everyone is able to make on their own. Good luck.
I hope it helps too! I made this one out of a sock! Haha and he does look cute but he's not a fan.
Update. He seems to be standing better but keeps holding his wing out. I checked all around his wing and I don't see any outside injuries. But he still wants to sit down all the time.

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