Limping Chicken. Possible atypical presentation of Bumble Foot?


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Apr 24, 2011
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I've got a White Orpington that started limping on one foot 4 days ago. I saw she had an injury on the top of that foot or front of her ankle but it was late so I let it go until the next day. When I went out the next morning she was limping on both feet, holding one up against her body when standing still. Clearly a chicken in some distress. I pulled her from gen-pop, washed both feet thoroughly in a cider vinegar/hot water solution and moved her to a chicken tractor on concrete. Both feet had what look like pecked open sores on the top of the foot, just at the base of the ankle. On the bottom of both feet there's a bleb of flesh that looks like the bumblefoot bleb BUT neither foot shows any sign of a scab or inflamed point on the bottom.

After two days in isolation she's energetic and more mobile than she was but it looks like her feet are still tender. Still no sign of a scab or inflammation on the bottom of her feet.

She's one of the more dominant chickens, even bullying the other chicken in isolation who's there because SHE'S a bully so I doubt the injuries on her feet came from someone else pecking on her.

Does this sound like Bumblefoot in the early stages or something else?

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