Limping chicken?


6 Years
May 1, 2013
We just returned home from a week long vaca where a neighbor friend tended to our 7 chickens. They are in a coop and run, no predators got to them, but when we got home one of the chickens was limping. She keeps her left leg curled but will put weight on foot/leg outstretched for very short periods of time. What could be going on?
How old is the chicken? Does it look like an injury? Some vitamin deficiencies can caused curled feet and sometimes giving PolyVisol baby vitamins 2 drops a day can help. A picture might be helpful.
She is 16 or 17 weeks, I bought her at a chicken swap, so I don't know if she had any shots. I will take pics when I get home. I might try the drops we have extra bottle from our kids!

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