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    I have a 23 week old buckeye cockerel that recently (this morning) developed a limp. This evening, it seems to be getting worse. Any ideas on what the issue is? Any ideas on what to look for?
    Here is the link and thank you for your advice:

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    More than likely he has sprained it from jumping off a roost, or gotten hurt somehow. You should carefully look over his legs for any redness or swelling of the joints, and at his footpads for any dark spot or swelling which may be bumblefoot. Diseases which can cause swelling of the joints, especially the hock would be mycoplasma (MS) or viral arthritis. Of course a sprain may also cause a swollen joint. I would make him rest his leg in a smallish cage for at least a week with food and water, near his flock to stay part of the group. A vitamin B Complex tablet in his water daily would also help.

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