Limping duck, broke toe 2 weeks ago


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May 2, 2011
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My 1 year old Mallard duck got caught in the deer netting trying to leave the yard. She was leaving to lay her eggs in the neighbor's yard. She decided to sit on eggs in the neighbor's yard, I thought it would be a great time for her to rest her foot. BUT, the nest was raided and she abandoned it. I have the remaining eggs in my incubator. Her limping is getting worse, wondering if shes getting bumblefoot because of the bones moving. Swollen area is firm so I don't know if it is bone callus or infection.



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Jan 3, 2010
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Yes, it looks like a bumble.

I would let her swim in lukewarm water for half an hour, then wrap an Epsom salt compress on the foot and leg for several minutes (don't let her ingest it, it is a laxative).

Then I would put a couple of drops of clear - clear - iodine on the bumble. Wait 5 or 6 days, soak again, and there should be a black scab that will come off with the kernel of the bumble. If it is not ready, reapply the clear - clear - iodine and wait a few more days and try again. This is the quickest non-invasive method I am aware of. I read about it from Haunted55 and Miss Lydia.

About the toe - I am wondering if you can try to set it.

And a good duck vet is always best for something like broken bones or if infection seems to be moving from just the toe.

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