Limping duck...what to do?


Mar 17, 2019
South of DFW
Went out this morning to find one of our ducks limping slightly around their pen. I figured he’d probably just tripped over something (he’s done this before), but now he doesn’t want to put any weight on it and just kinda lays around on his belly.

His (left) foot doesn’t look swollen, but it feels warmer than his right foot. He tries to nibble at it with the tip of his beak/bill every now and then.

I don’t see any kind of ‘blister’ that would indicate a bite (ant or something).

What should I do? Epsom bath? I’ll have to wait until morning to do anything as it’s getting late and we’ve been gone almost all day.

They do have large rocks around their pool that they use as steps, could he have hurt himself on those? Could it be a sprain?

I’ll see how he is in the morning and maybe get some pictures. All advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I'd def start soaking his foot and leg. Maybe he has a sprain warm Epsom salt water can help with inflammation. Rest and some B complex added to his feed. I usually just fill a gal bucket with warm water mix the ES and sit them in feet first that way they can't drink the water [which is also a laxative] and you can hold him so he isn't putting undo pressure on his injured foot. You can give some children's Ibuprophen too but you'll need weight for dose. Baby aspirin will also help with pain and inflammation.
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Sprains and injuries can take a while to heal so don't get discouraged. If he hasn't been on any niacin since a duckling that could also be tied in with this. So if you can get some B complex that will help if that is the problem. How old is he? Once one has a leg issue injury the B complex works much better an faster.
For now for support for his injury or deficiency I'd get liquid B complex from TSC it has been like liquid gold for our duckling. It's in the cattle section and will say injectable but all you do is peel the foil off use a dropper and pull out 1 ml put it over a tasty treat he loves so he gets full dose. If a niacin def you should noticed improvement in less than a week if it's a soft tissue injury it will still help. Usually all flock has the right amount of niacin they need but it seems there can still be one that needs extra. Keep it in the frig and it will last a long time. Your other ducks can benefit from it also. I have a picture on my phone of the bottle
I’ll have to see if we can find that or something similar next time we make a run to the feed store, we don’t go TSC much anymore since we discovered Atwood’s. We’re going to need feed soon so I should be able to pick some up in a couple of days. Thanks!

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