limping duckling :( what else can i do to help her ?


6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
ok so ducklings are not the most gracefu and they eat um... everythingggggg lol .... yesterday morning i took all 3 of my girls( almost 3 weeks old ) out to play outside they followed me out of the barn as usual . theres a few steps or a jump dowtn to the grass - but nothing they havent mastered . they were very excited . they shoved and all tumbled out - while i told them that was not ok and went allllll mother duck on them trying to see if everyone was ok - they were as far as i could see . so we played everyone was fine . the day went on....
i went back down to the barn later that night to do barn chores as usual for them and my 15 Rocks and 2 of my ducks ( Charlotte& Webber ) were happy to see me as usual ...the other (Cookie) was happy but not getting up much :( this is VERY unusual .... they all normally go bonkers when i walk in the door ... i try and get her to stand up and Cookie does but not for long .... she gets tramped on by Charlotte and Webber who want out of the cage . soooo i take Cookie out and check her over . no marks no swelling . no bumblefoot . shes not in pain when i move anything and she could move everything fine . so i get them all out and we start to walk outside - Cookie is limping tho i notice .... hmmmmmmmmm she was ok this morning ?
we get outside and while the other 2 girls play she just sits . she even wants held - VERY odd. shes normally the hardest to catch. we go in and i get the pool out . she cant get in it by herself .... ok now i know somethings wrong ... i help her in and she seems relieved so i stay in the barn for an extra looooooooooooooooooooong time letting Cookie swim. she needed help out too.

this morning she seemed a bit better . i didnt take them outside for fear of her leg i just used the extra time as extra pool time . then mid after noon i gave them another pool time - but she seemed to want to crawl a lot this afternoon . maybe it was cuz i was laying down next to the pool and instead of walking to me she figured shed crawl?.. she will walk if she has too . i carried her back to the barn at one point i felt so bad .

last night i put ACV in their water idk if it would help or not but it cant hurt right ? i just sent my husband out for Niacin or brewers yeast - they already eat flock raiser so i thought i was ok not adding more?
should i bring her in the house to watch her ?
what else can i do ?

sorry this was so long ... im so worried :( thanks!

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