Limping hen and mites


5 Years
Jul 27, 2014
We discovered tons of mites on our hen and she started to limp. She was also very lethargic. We took her to vet and the doctor said she was not egg bound. The vet said she was very weak and recommended increasing her calcium in her diet. She has been on antibiotics and pain medicine for the last 5 days and separated from the rest of the flock (no other birds in the flock have mites). She still has a limp and does not move much. We believe we have eliminated all the mites but we are continuing to dust her. She is eating, drinking and pooping. She tends to have her right foot curled and in front. She also squats (attached is a picture of her trying to stand). Do you think this will get better after she completes the antibiotics? Or will this be permanent? Thanks for any advice you may have.

She's a cute little thing and good on you for taking her to the vet. Does she have any scab around her 'knee'? Carefully lift the feathers. I'm just wondering about scaly leg mites. Have you thought about using some Ivermectin? She looks small so maybe 2-3 drops on her bare skin. It helps knockout all kinds of mites. The vet didn't seem to think anything was broken? Anyway, give her some time. Make it so she doesn't have to jump down on that leg.
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Thank you, Chkn, for your suggestions. No scabs around her "knee" and no indication on anything broken. We''ll just have to wait and see. She resting in box with food and water.
You might want to give her some tasty treats like bits of melon, lettuce, rice, etc. Remember, it's gotta be something SHE likes. This is not about YOU. (Just having fun with you, you know that.)
It's now the third week, and our hen still can't walk. The mites are gone and she's able to stand on the left leg, but her right leg is now tucked in and her toes are curled. She tries to bring her right leg down occasionally, but it's very shaky. As mentioned earlier, there doesn't seem to be anything broken. She doesn't seem to have much of an appetite, but she like plain yogurt. Does anyone else have any advice?

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