Limping Hen- Rooster Damage? Any ideas please!

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    I have a farmyard hen that I noticed was limping this morning. I let them out a few hours later than I normally do. Her back is bare, and there are some feathers missing, so I think it might be rooster damage.

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions as to how I could go about treating her.
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    Jun 11, 2008
    I have one with the same problem, I was wondering if it was a rooster - but the feathers are all there. It's like half of her can't move.
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    The limping hen injured by the rooster should be isolated, do you have a hospital cage for your coop? Dog cage? She probably needs some of this solution a few times daily for inflammation- 1 low dose aspirin (81 mg) crushed with a spoon and dissolved in a litre/quart of water. If she is in a cage you can make this her liquid. If you decide to give separately you'll need a dropper to drizzle along her beak (avoid the nares) so she sips a little each time. She is probably bruised on the back too and this will give her a break and give you a chance to see how fast she recovers. If hse is better in 2-3 days you can probably assume trauma and return her as you see fit. If not, you may have something more serious going on.

    It never hurts to give limping hens a multivitamin, such as baby vitamins (no added iron) in water. The reason is that layers have a high demand for vitamins B, E and especially vitamin D, which coordinates with oyster shell (Ca) to keep bones healthy and to make eggshell. Molting hens have a VERY high need.

    Read here, Incident 04.

    revolutionmama-As for the other hen, none of the above will hurt her, but it sounds like a more serious situation and she will need isolation, a full exam including for parasites, a nutritional overview before deciding if she needs a vet or more intensive care. Please research Marek's disease, just in case.
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    She doesn't seem the correct age to have Mareks, she is probably a year or more.
    I don't have a hospital coop, however tomorrow I will have to see what I can do. I will clean out the houses as well.

    Can you give me any sources of aspirin, because I'm not sure.
    Shall I give her a poultry spice (for moulting hens)?
    I've taken a look at the bottom of her foot, but I think (if I looked at the correct foot), that I saw a yellow spot...

    Thanks for your help.

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