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    Jun 12, 2014
    My hen Red (now 3) has been limping for the past few weeks. At one point she was barely able to walk, so I secreted her from the rest of the coop. For all of last week I kept her secreted from the rest of the coop, in the warmth of my garage, to rest. We found a scab on her foot and removed it last week in fear it could be infected and as she rested she got progressively better throughout the week. I put antibiotic on her sore foot scab foot while she was secreted in hope it would help her heal. By the end of the week she was back to normal and was ready to get back in the coop with the other hens (I have four total). Her scab was also healed.

    She was perfectly fine over the weekend, sleeping on the roost, and walking normally. Until today (monday) I noticed that instead of sleeping on the roost, she was sleeping on the floor of the coop and noticeably limping but still able to get around. She is still eating and drinking and acting normally except for the fact she is not going in their run, and because she's usually one of my most active chickens it is strange to me.

    Although she is able to get around, she is limping and I don't want her to get any worse like she did a few weeks ago. This has never happened to any of my chickens. I would secrete her again but I don't want this whole cycle to repeat itself if she is just going to get worse again.
    What should I do?

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