Limping hens


10 Years
Jun 2, 2011
I have three RSL hens, just a little over a year old that all started limping suddenly. I noticed one on Saturday, and two more on Monday. The firs tone was getting picked on pretty bad, so I moved her to a different coop, and then added the two others when I saw them limping. they seem to be eating and pooping ok that I can see.. the plops in the coop and run appear to be normal and I don't see any signs of the runs. There has been some upset to their routine recently if this helps anyone determine what the problem could be. My 9 teenage chicks were just introduced to the flock . they are all running around healthy as can be and everyone is getting along fine, but my coop has two "rooms". One has a door where babies are grown out prior to joining the big girls and guy, and then that door is opened permanently when the little ones get big enough. The grow out room is actually the preferred roosting spot of the big hens, so they just started using the higher roosts in there, possibly hurting themselves getting down? We also just got new contractor's sand in the run over mother's day weekend, so I wonder if there could have been something in that that made them sick? I am just so concerned because it's three of them, and all of a sudden. The past few days, they don't seem to be any worse. Hub and I even took them out last night and let them roam the yard some. they pecked around and walked a lot, but all still have a slight limp. Their eyes all seem good, and no sign of bumble foot. they don't appear to have mites that I can see, but I did dust the coops real good when I cleaned them the other night, but didn't have enough for the birds (besides not knowing if it would make them worse)They are on vitamin water and probiotics, but nothing else yet until I get some advice on how to proceed. Could this be the start of the dreaded M word? And if so, how long does it take for them to get really sick so I would know for sure? I would rather not cull until I get a better idea of what I am dealing with.

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