Limping Pullet One Week To Save Her


Oct 22, 2016
Hedley British Columbia
Little Dove is the smallest of my moms Rhode Island Whites. My mom saw her laying on her side when she went out to feed and water the flock. By the time she was done the pullet still didn’t move. So my mom scooped her up and segregated her.

The hen is limping, making baby chirps constantly, has watery poop. She eats and drinks fine. I did an exam on her and have no signs of any physical damage.

My mom was going to kull her but I made a deal with her. I have a week to help the pullet and see improvement in her. If she improves she will come home with me if there is no improvement my mom will kill her.

She is separated from the others but can still see them. I added apple cider vinegar to her water, she is penned up in the shade in the cool grass. We live in British Columbia and its been a very hot and dry year so far and now is very smoky with all the fires.

Any ideas what could be wrong with her and what I can do to save her?

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