Limping Rooster


8 Years
May 6, 2011
My rooster started limping saturday:( not sure what is wrong with the poor fella. He pts weight on the leg, but very gingerly. Hes getting around ok, and guyd ladies are sticking close by him. Eating and drinking ok too. Is there anything specific I would do for him? I have checked him over and he doesn't have any open wounds, selling, obvious breaks, etc... Just want to make sure we are doing what we can for him.
Are you familiar with bumblefoot? It's not very obvious sometimes, a small sore on the bottom of the foot that got infected with staph. Usually there is some swelling. If it is, do a search, you would need to doctor it. If it's not that, you could try keeping him in the coop to rest his joints for a few days, if it didn't upset him to much, in the hope that he has pulled a muscle or has some sort of sprain or strain.
Check the bottom of his footpad for a dark in color circular scab, if it's reddish in color around the scab, it is bumblefoot and will require minor surgery to remove it. If you dont see a scab, more than likely he has jumped down from a high roost or something else and sprained or pulled a muscle, tendon or ligament. If this is the case, I recommend that you place him in a cage where he can see or be close to his hens , provide him with feed and water. He needs to stay off the leg to let it heal, plenty of rest and relaxation. Continued walking and struting around will aggravate the injury and could possibly cause further permament injury. You can purchase vitamin B COMPLEX tablets at a pharmacy and crush a couple into a powder and sprinkle it on his feed. This may help speed up the healing process. The healing time can be anywhere from several days to months, or never depending on the injury. In your case, give him about 5 days days rest and relaxation in confinement, then let him out to walk around some. If he has stopped limping, he's good to go...if not, more R&R back in the cage for another 5 days.
After Looking the poor fellow over, I did find a small sore. Took picture, but really can't figure out how to load it... I'm doing well today!

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