limping sexlink


5 Years
Jun 28, 2014
Got home from work today and have a sexlink pullut that is limping a bit and her toes curl when she walks on them. That leg feels warm compared to the other but doesn't seem to hurt her when I checked it out. Any suggestions?
I didn't see any signs of bumblefoot. But she is also keeping her neck tucked into her shoulders but is eating ok.
It's possible that she sprained or strained her leg, possibly from jumping down to hard from a roost, etc. I'd probably isolate her from the other birds in a well-bedded area where you can keep an eye on her. If it's just a sprain or strain, it should heal eventually.
Ok I will put her in a separate pen for a few days and keep a close eye on her. Thanks for the replies. I will keep us all updated:)

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