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    Jan 8, 2017
    Our 3 year Cream Legbar developed a limpy leg between Christmas and New Year. It was stormy so we assumed that she got blown off the ramp and landed awkwardly. We checked for the obvious bumblefoot and made sure there was no loss of sensation and hoped that it would sort itself out. Over the next days there was improvement and she used both feet to scratch the ground. On about the 5th day she started to walk a bit like a pirate and occasionally stood on her limp leg foot with the good foot and subsequently fell over. The vet opened the next day, despite now only hopping on the good leg and showing loss of sensation and weakness in the limpy leg, the vet couldn't find anything wrong- no break and no apparent dislocation. She is now in a pet carrier to restrict movement and is getting 0.7ml daily of metacam (a NSAID usually for dogs and cats). She's fine, but the leg is showing no improvement. Any suggestions or similar stories welcomed!
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    How does her abdomen feel - hard, soft, squishy, normal?
    When was the last time she laid an egg - was it normal?
    What does her poop look like?

    Since she is receiving vet prescribed pain meds and is still limping, I would lean toward it being something else besides an injury.

    Sometimes an internal laying/reproductive disorder like Peritonitis, Ascites, cancer or tumors can be an underlying cause of difficulty walking. Your vet can perform an x-ray to help rule out any internal problems.

    Just my thoughts.

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