Liquid fertilizer and chickens


8 Years
Jan 31, 2016
Los Angeles, California
My lawn has fared pretty bad this year. We did manure but with the heat and limited water my lawn barely survived. I want to try this liquid fertilizer but am not sure if it is safe. It says natural but natural does not mean safe either. I've attached a description picture but here is the link of you so desire to take a look at

If it is not safe I will just use this in the area where the chickens are not allowed on.
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Well, it does say kid and pet friendly, that's a good sign. Food grade ingredients is another good sign. It does say it is not complete, however, so used by itself, may not do much. It's also mostly nitrogen too, looks like. Chicken poo is mostly nitrogen, you may get the same results from aging your chicken poop and adding it to the lawn, for free. That's what I'm planning on doing this winter, if it rains.
We tried that so a section looks great the other does not. Also they are banned from a specific area because they killed all the flowers and plants so we replanted and won't til them back in that area until the plants are more durable.

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