Lisa and Nibbit You have got to see this horse video. Astuounding!

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    LIsa and Nibbit " The Fire Within" and a second one called "So Cold". . Also other Lisa and Nibbit videos plus Flip the Shetland who dances like the Spanish Riding School horses! Breathtaking! Have to search within the website a bit to find them. Well worth the effort.
    Ok, watch Flip Going Nuts first. Then when it ends, click on Pacha and Flip Trick Training and watch that.
    It's amazing! I mean this is a Shetland pony not a Lipizzaner! Next a screen comes up with pic(s) of a white horse with stars painted on it's rump. That's Nibbit. Couple of videos of him and his rider can be watched in succession. Just beautiful! And the music only makes it more so!
    Wow, just wow!,
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