Lisa, you did it again...

-Isla June-

Apr 8, 2022
Franklin TN.
Oh Lisa, you did it again...

My little Plymouth Rock hen decided to run away across the street again. She does it many times a month. This time, I watched her come up the driveway, (they were free ranging) and then she walked right up to the street. I was just watching out my windows. She didn’t stop, nope, just kept on walking and clucking away. She got to the other side of the street where the neighbors chickens are, she doesn’t play with them, she just fights with them... she just walked her fluffy poof right to the other side of the street. She wasnt running, just slowly walking. Me, just sitting there on the couch watching her pass along! The good thing is that she comes back to the other side after her little click cluck with the other hens... I have to bring her back to the coop, but she comes back across the street. She sure is adventurous and brave, I just hope she doesn’t get hit by a car. Any advice on what to do? I let my chickens free range so that they aren’t bored, but Lisa would get quite mad if I made her stay in the coop. I have no fence to keep her in my backyard, which is large.
Maybe you could add a small fence around the coop or build a dog run for the chickens? I know it might be hard to do that but still let them free range, but if you make it large enough it still may work. I'm no chicken expert, but just some suggestions.

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