list advantages of buying local fresh eggs instead of store eggs.


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I am doing a bit of a "Project" I guess you could call it. I Want to educate people about buying locally and supporting farmers and right now im working on the eggs. As you may have noticed from my other post, im working on getting myself started on selling my hens eggs. I want to help boost this by providing a brochure with all of the advantages of buying local fresh eggs rather than store bought. Thoughts!?

Can you list some advantages to get me rollin'? Ill post a picture of the brochure when i am done.
The eggs are much fresher.
You can see the hens for yourself and see that they're healthy.
You can see the conditions that they live in.
You can talk to the owner and learn about chickens and ask questions.
You're supporting a local farmer!
Most home grown eggs are:
lower in cholesterol because of the hen's diet,
they are higher in Omega 3s,
lower in saturated fat,
higher in vitamins and minerals & are better for you,
the chickens are CARED for not just HOUSED,
The eggs just taste better. I give my overage of eggs to a friend, who's delighted to get eggs from what she calls "happy chickens" who get to enjoy life!
No guarantee of that, I'm afraid. People have differing views on the management of chickens. And for me, the difference in taste doesnt warrant as much hyperbole as I had expected, initially. Different texture, yes. "Bowl me over" better taste? Sorry, no.

From what I've read to date, Ive not seen an objective report that claims the eggs from down the road are significantly better, health wise, either. Omega-3's? Lower cholesterol? Saturated fat? It depends on whose study you like the best. "Chicken people" will like one set of answers; "store egg people," another.
However, according to a study at Texas A&M some years ago, the egg is the near perfect food, regardless. As I recall, there was no significance to the eggs' source.

So naturally, I'm wondering if there is unbiased scientific evidence to support the claim that homegrown eggs are significantly healthier or worth the extra cost to most people. Certainly the natural, organic, "cage free" eggs in the grocery store are more hype than substance.

People can be persuaded now, I'll give you that. "Fresh eggs from loved chickens" is a slogan that does appeal, for sure. Many people harbor the idea that the rustic life is just "better" somehow. Personally, I agree.
But my reasons have little to do with science or evidence. I grew up on a farm, after all. I'm fully in support of local agriculture, permaculture infrastructures and self-supported food production. I'm hoping these things are the wave of the future, since I'm convinced that being close to naturally produced food is a good thing.

Certainly there are a lot of convincing persuasion points to favor the fresh egg.

But, lets say I put a dozen chickens in battery cages in my city basement, as was a common practice in the 1920's. Did you know lots of people did that in their homes back then?
I feed them a painstakingly prepared ration, give them the freshest water and and take loving care of them under the proper lighting, at the right temperature, etc. Then I eat their VERY fresh eggs.

Are those eggs of lesser quality or maybe better, even, than some others?

What I'm wondering is this:

1. What is your project? Is it a scientific study or a sales pitch?
2. Can you get unbiased and substantiated 'advantages' by asking your questions of the choir?
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You can find some good info by Google'ing mother earth news/egg page. They have compared nutrients of free range flocks to store bought. The differences were dramatic. However, like someone mentioned above, I wouldn't advertise this as your flock's nutrient levels. "free range" can mean a lot of different things to different people.
No guarantee of that, I'm afraid. People have differing views on the management of chickens.

Well Davaroo, I was referring to my own birds.
I love my chickens and they are treated well.

I agree with you... there is a big range of how backyard flocks are CARED for.

matte, I agree with you as well... everyone feeds their flocks differently and you can not guarantee your egg's nutritional value will be the same as another flock's values.
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Okay I did that. I read it, and I thank you for providing that.

I've been a TMEN subscriber and reader for years, decades even. I have back issues going back, well... a long time. I love their magazine and the information on self-wise living they put out. I had forgotten about their egg pages.

As I read through them again, I was also reminded that they are anything but objective. They have an obvious agenda behind everything they publish, and they are perhaps the most guilty of preaching to the choir.

They don't say in the articles that, ..."an independent testing group, during clinical studies, found that the eggs had this or that...."
They say, "WE find pastured eggs to be better.....
They also don't provide any of the data from whatever studies were conducted. I'd like to see that.

Then they go on to condemn and vilify anybody on the other side, from the USDA to commercial feed producers. Meanwhile, even they admit that the nutritional elements commercial growers add to poultry feed are, well... here it is: "Whether those substitutions are as healthful as the real thing is open to discussion."

I was taught that a wise salesman never bashes the competition. So where does that put TMEN?

One of the things I rebel against in life is someone trying to convince me based on their reasons. I want to make up my own mind, for my reasons, and not wade through anecdotes, testimonials or pseudo-science looking for facts.

Believe me, I'm with you all on this. I personally believe fresh eggs from fresh chickens in the fresh air are better. It stands to reason.

But I'd like to see more of those reasons, and less hype. If you intend to convince others outside "the circle," prepare to do the same. I'm not alone.
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