List of bantam breed whose color is mostly white when it hatches(no mix breed).


5 Years
Mar 11, 2014
I bought 2 bantam chicks whose color is mostly white with some black color on it's wings more than 2 days ago. I researched about what kind of bantam breed it is, but I am still not sure about it's real breed. Can someone list bantam breed whose color is mostly white when it hatches?

Note: It is definitely not Silkie.
If you wrote the breed, like sebright, write down what kind of sebright chick like silver or golden sebright chick.
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There are hundreds of bantam breeds. Many of them can be white. I think you would be best advised to contact the person/store/hatchery you bought this chick from and ask them what breeds they supply.

It really took me a long time(about 2 weeks) for my mom to let me burrow her camera. They are more than 3 weeks old. Are they the same breed?
Are they both male chicks? When they are about 3 weeks old, their comb start turning pink. If they are both male and the same kind of old english game bantam breed, why is their feather color very different?
Wheatens are very different in color when they get feathered out. The darker one is definitely a boy, and the lighter one seems to be a girl (I'm not 100% sure on the lighter one, she doesn't look quite like my wheaten girls at that age).

When they grow up, the males are mostly black and red, and the girls are a tannish color with a cream-colored breast.

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