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    Jan 2, 2015
    Little Silver, NJ
    I notice there are relatively few members (I joined immediately) in relation to the much larger number of guests. I have search for 3-4 hours over the last week. I mention that because I am floundering in spite of many years using bulletin boards and everything online since the 80s. Perhaps the guests also need a clearer path to a starting point. Also, I suspect I have fallen among experts of the first order. I say this because there appears to be many details whose significance is only clear to those who have been at this for quite some time.

    I looked for the FAQ that would clue me in; but, the FAQs are far to specific and do little to tell me what I seem to need. I wonder if perhaps many guests less willing to admit struggles. I learned in an 80 member chorale where I have been lost twice (along with everyone else) in 15 years, the times (always) small choir directors had me lost... IT WAS NOT ME!

    When I saw "LIST" and thought for what? Perhaps my best approach was to admit my need and make an appeal for guidance through a list of my planning in the hope of ordering them according to priority. Someone elsewhere mentioned a mentor would be a good idea. I am an avid learner who started with computers in 1964. Taught myself Z80 assembly language and BASIC programming, led an 8086/8088 assembler class and a computer workshop for 18 years. I had mentors for modeling, computers and singing. I do my homework.


    I have four acres in Little Silver to work into use and make it productive. I see: Dutch white clover for bees and honey, chickens for eggs, compose to feed chickens and grow earthworms, and oils from Rose of Sharron; this gives me honey, eggs, worms (castings & eggs), and oils to sell. I have bamboo for construction of coops on wheels (chicken tractor) and a bridge over the stream. Later there is an idea for a water feature and a pond.

    Off to continue my search for the real starting point as this may well get me blasted. Thanks in advance to the brave soul who respond to this lengthy intro to a guy who last cared for foul from 1953-1955 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
    Cheers, Burke
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    Hi @RoMaDaMan , welcome to BYC!

    I moved your post from the thread about creating lists of items in a signature to a new thread since your topic seems to be more about the general community list of members & guests that we show on the homepage and footer of the site.

    Guest and User lists are a part of almost every community discussion forum software on the market. vBulletin, Xenforo, IP.Board, PunBB, phpBB, and most others have the same "lists" or "counts" that we have on our platform. It's pretty common and just another data point for people to either use or ignore at their leisure. :)

    We look forward to your participation in our many discussion forum sections and learning from and with you!

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