Listless duck - what to do?

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    Feb 8, 2015
    One of our ducks , Saffron , has not been herself lately.She got very broody and made a nest in the bushes , but we kept collecting the eggs so her broodiness faded away.Now , she hangs behind the group , her wings are droopy , she won't eat or drink unless she's with other ducks and even that is very little.
    She doesn't poke around in the ground looking for bugs anymore , she justs stands there while the others bustle off to some corner of the yard.We've done research trying to figure out why she might be like this, but most of the diseases she has symptoms for are caught by overcrowding and other subpar conditions , and our ducks are kept in a large fenced backyard , and their spacious coop is spot-cleaned every day.
    I have suspicions that it might be a sort of post-broody depression , but I figured better safe than sorry.Are there any other possibilities?

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