Litter for the Chicks in brooder? Can I use Cedar


In the Brooder
12 Years
Mar 2, 2007
This is day 3 for the chicks and they are looking bored and some squabbles have broken out,

Can I put little in the brooder? They are pecking and digging holes in the paper towels.

Can I use cedar? I have some left from another project. If not I will go get some pine right now.

Thanks for your help.
From what I have read cedar is bad because of the fumes. I have pine shavings in my brooder and they like to scratch around in it, looking for bits of food that fell.
I put some pine shavings down and then put some straw in a cardboard box, which they seem to like
Thanks ALL..

I got the pine..and they love it.
The kicking and scratching is a riot. I love the little feet
going like crazy.

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