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Oct 20, 2012
Hi from Ohio,

I have two little chicks, I'm not sure how old they are but one ( a little polish) really doesn't have any chick fuzz and all feathers that walks around their brooder and makes a thrill sound every once in awhile. I figure that this is normal, however, the other is a little silkie that is half chick fuzz and half feathers. She walks around the brooder and almost constantly chirps....Is this normal? They both seem healthy and I have the brooder at 80-85 degrees.

Since these are the first chicks I've had I'm kind of at a lose. Also I have a old silkie rooster that I was lead to believe was a hen. When can I or cant I introduce them to each other. I wouldn't do it now because the two chicks are so little but I can use some advise for future use. These chicks are so cute, I don't want to jeopardize anything happening to them...Anybody have some input or ideas?

Thanks, pdc420
i know that chicks will chirp more if they are cold but i would think 85* would be warm enough if it is half feathered. i know i've had certain chickens that just talk a lot, maybe thats the case. As for introducing them to the rooster,it depends on his temperment. i would wait until they are big enough that he wont crush them if he tries to ride them but if hes older older and not interested in breeding then once they are fully feathered they should be ok.
Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Its a series of little chips, kind of like a machine gun speed
Well , that could either be a problem , or the chick is just very active. I had one , a rooster who was brought up alone in my room , and he never crowed , he used to make a screaming sound as a chick a very long scream if i wasnt with him , thats a sign of un-happiness. But then when he matured he made a lower pitched scream , instead of a crow hahaha some chickens just find their OWN voice is all haha
Ha I hear ya, yeah they both are eating and drinking and I gave them a little scrambled egg with so yogart for a treat that they both seemed to enjoyed. She's walking around alright, not droopy or sick acting so maybe she just vocal like some women can be..pun intended lol
I have the brooder set up so they can get under the light if their cold or away from it if their hot. But I just went up to the brooder and talked and chirp'd at them and she's quieted down, the little polish Loves to be held, the little silkie not so much. maybe she justs misses her mamma?
No problem , and yes , if they feel an absence of the mother they will cheep a lot , which is why i raise mine in my room , big broods are hard to manage but its works out haha , Good luck

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