Little Giant 10200 circulated air incubator w/6300 auto turner. Cannot incubate turkey eggs using th

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  1. Could not use the auto turner for turkey or duck eggs because the tops of the eggs would hit the heating element. So, I made an extention ring out of styrofoam to make the top of the incubator (which the heating element is attached to) sit 3 inches higher. So far it is holding a steady heat at 99 degrees, which is the temp recomended for turkey eggs. I guess I will find out if my little extention ring invention was a good idea in 28 days. Has anyone else on here ever thought about doing this?

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    That should totally work. Great idea!
  3. Thanks Nurse_Turtle. Just hope it
  4. several of us have extended our little giants by 6 inches for hatching out emu eggs.. there is a link in my signature with pics of a modified LG

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