little ones moved into new coop


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Jun 12, 2009
Here are pics of the coop my husband attached to an existing run we had pheasants in a few years ago. Thanks for all the great ideas and sugestions from this site.

Material: Board & Batten, rough cut poplar (will add batten strips over where the boards butt together when poplar drys).

Size: Coop - 8'x 4' plus 2' extension for 6 nesting boxes. Inside height is 8' sloped down to 6'. Run - 8' wide x 32' long x 5' high.

We've got 22 little ones, between 9 & 11 weeks old. Intially we had the back roosting pole was about 3 1/2' off the ground, but the little guys couldn't get on it. So we moved it lower. They've been in the coop a few weeks and are now favoring the front (higher) roosts, so we're planning on moving the back roost back to its original height.




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