little problem with my incubator temp


9 Years
Nov 10, 2010
in the lower part is at 98.1 f and in the higher level it at 102 f it just started doing this how can i change if i get another fan in the middle to push more hot air to the lower levels this is a home made incubator a refrigerator. and it the low temp of 98 will kill the embryo.
no you will be fine mine some times drops to 97 for hours and i still get stuff to hatch and it swings from 97 to 102 and i get things done just fine i dont think i would worry to much about it soem times i even get a day or two ahead on hatches i thinks due to it being a little warm
you need to put in a air duct that will pull in air at the top with a fan & exit it at the bottom or a false back will do the same, that way the air will always be moveing & not be in layers,heat rises so its going to be hotter at the top than it is at the bottom so you got to get the air moveing & just a fan is not going to do it.

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