Little Pullet crows?


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Oct 20, 2008
I have an 8 week old silkie. She was sexed as female, and at 8 weeks old, looks very female (no spurs, very little comb, tail feathers grow down...). However, she has recently started crowing. Our adult females will "announce" when they lay, but they don't crow in the morning. She is the dominant female (or is trying very hard to be). Do females crow, or do we have a little roo? As cute as it is, she needs to stop, because we live in the city, and she will aggravate the neighbors. Any advice?
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sounds exactly like what happened to one of my easter egger "pullets" at about the same age. I prayed and prayed not to, but ended up with a roo. Strangely, my neighbors haven't minded yet. I have asked them all personally, so as to hopefully avoid those messy situations where they go behind your back and tell citizens' service bureau...
if its crowing then you have a roo, or is it balk balk balk cause that can be the hen making sounds but it is hard to confuse the two
If she/he is crowing at 8 weeks, you probably have a young rooster on your hands.

My hen did not start "crowing" until after she started laying. If you want to call the awful noise she makes crowing.
It "looks like crowing" but it sounds more like she is alternating between choking and laryngitis.
I've heard of pullets/hens taking over a rooster place in the flock if there isn't one by crowing, but it sounds like he/she is still to young to do that.

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