Little rototillers!


9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
Willamette Valley
These aren't meatbirds, in the strict sense of the word (although every bird at our place becomes a meatbird in the end). I just thought I'd share a picture of happy chickens... after a few months of rain and mud, nothing is tastier than a freshly tilled bed of chopped up worms! I don't remember ever seeing such animated body language from chickens... they were scurrying about, flapping their wings excitedly, and scratching frantically at the ground. This isn't a phrase I normally use... but it was cute.

(Yes, I know most people don't till in the snow, but I can never have enough shelling peas. When it's time to get the peas in, I'm not going to let a little snow slow me down!)


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