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    I have a small flock of 5 approximately 4 month old pullets. When they were about 12 weeks, everybody got their wings clipped except for my barred rock, who had not really shown any interest in flying. The leghorn was the worst, as you can imagine... flighty little girl that she is! Anyway, the barred rock, Juanita, started flying up onto one of the patio tables yesterday and got up on top of my washing machine this morning, so I made up my mind that it's time for a little wing clippin', lest she become a snack for the guard dog in the yard next door. My plan is that when I get off work today, she's getting clipped.

    Well, talk about a day late and a dollar short. Went out about an hour ago to give our girls their afternoon treats, and my baby Juanita is gone. [​IMG] DH is scouring the neighborhood right now looking for her, but the dog next door is being awfully quiet... almost like he's got something keeping him occupied... and we can't see him thru the fence.

    I just hope DH finds her ok just strutting around the neighborhood looking for bugs.
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  2. gryeyes

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    I am hoping she shows up wanting back in the yard, because she's forgotten how she got OUT!

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    Oh my gosh!! I am so sorry this happened! Me and my chickens are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a safe return! I almost want to help you look around the neighborhood, I sure hope nothing happened with that neighbor dog [​IMG] please please do update if anything changes!
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    Oh, I sure hope she turns up ALIVE!

    I hate dogs now that I have birds.
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    I had the same thing happen a little over a week ago. Hen flew over the fence and a dog I was fostering had fun with her *sigh* Everyone got clipped that night.

    I'm sorry.
  6. HHandbasket

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    We have been looking for her since about 3:30 this afternoon, and no sign of her yet. We've called her, but nothing.

    The neighbor who lives on the other side of us does not have any dogs or anything, but she works swing shift and won't be home until about 1:00 in the morning. We are hoping that Juanita is in her yard and that she has puddles or something back there so my girl has access to water.

    I am not gonna sleep a wink tonight. She's got the *best* personality. The good news is that there are several other chickenkeepers in the neighborhood and if she is found, I hope she was found by one of them so they will feed her and take care of her. They won't spoil her or love her like I do (grin), but I just want her to be happy and alive.
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    Five minutes ago, Juanita was found alive and welllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, a little shaken and hungry and thirsty, but she was found nonetheless. I found her underneath some boards in the backyard. Best we can figure, perhaps she was foraging underneath there and the boards somehow fell over her and wedged her underneath. She'd been there since 3:30 yesterday afternoon & was found at 10:00 this morning, stiff, tired, hungry, and thirsty but HOME SAFE AND IN MY ARMS!!!

    I am so very thankful and relieved. We will be keeping an eye on her and added electrolytes to the water to help replenish anything she lost while being trapped under the boards.

    HAPPY ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

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    Apr 20, 2010
    [​IMG] Yeah...Glad to hear it!!! [​IMG]
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    I am sooo happy for you
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    I am SO happy for you! Give Juanita an extra (but gentle) squeeze for me!
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