Live Chicken Cam


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8 Years
Aug 20, 2011
We got our Cam up and out to the internet.
If anybody is interested in watching someone else's Chickens be goof balls come on over and check us out. LOL

Don't forget to say hi.

Tracy in WA
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I honestly have no idea. My DH is the computer whiz in the family. I know we bought a Zomodo Wireless IP cam. I will have him write up a how to on our profile page here soon.
It is fun to watch them and the cool thing about this cam is that we can move it remotely. So if you are watching and want to see something else ask on the chat and we can move it where you want to see.

Thanks for looking, Tracy in WA
Thanks we LOVE it! It is also really nice to be able to check on them without having to trudge out in the pouring down rain.

Tracy in WA

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