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8 Years
May 31, 2011
I'm new to BYC as well as chickens in general. I have put a live streaming camera in my chicken brooder if anyone is interested. I'm hoping to set some up in the coop aswell. My website is, I'm still building it but would love feedback. Pass it on
Awwwww....I just views the brooder. VERY cute chicks! What kind are they??
Honestly I have no clue. I got the 4 larger ones (about 3 weeks old) from a local elementary school who had the eggs dropped off by the local conservation office. Ive tried calling them but the guy who was in charge of it is out of town for a couple of weeks. The two younger ones I hatched and are some sore of hybrid breed from my wife's uncles greenhouse. Thats all he told me. I was thinking of getting 6 more to get a dozen. Originally my plan was just 6 hens. Then I thought why not keep a rooster if I have one (pretty sure I do). So that turned into why not get a dozen. Any suggestions on where to get more? should I hatch my own (more from the green house) or order online?

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