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    Aug 2, 2008
    What are they really like? How much would I pay for a pair? Would they be good with children, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks?
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    We have a mama llama and her 2 y/o daughter. We were lucky to get the pair for free. A local woman was moving to TX and gave them away. I've seen them go for thousands of $$$$, too.

    Our pair aren't too interested in being touched, but they don't mind you being around them. Our dogs and kids run through their pasture, and the llamas leave them alone. Our chicken run shares a fence with the llamas, and the llamas don't pay much attention to the chickens.

    They're very gentle. They will perk up when they smell something odd to them, they have a very good sense of smell. If they feel threatened that let out an odd noise as a warning. We haven't had any predators near our chickens since we got llamas. They're fun to watch, very gentle and regal.

    They also don't eat a lot. We feed ours 4 flakes of hay a day during the winter, and 2 during the summer when they have stuff to graze on. We also feed them llama pellets.

    Hope this helps!!

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