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    With what and how often do people worm their llamas? When I got my first two the people I got them from told me to use an injectable ivermectin for cattle. Others have told me to use oral ivermectin for horses. I'm having trouble getting a straight answer on which wormers and how often, and what the proper wormer rotation would be. I rotate wormers for my horses, and worm them every four months. Same for llamas, different? I have been told ivermectin rotated with dectomax...what do all of you folks do?
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    Quote:We worm our llama and alpaca herds each spring and fall; and on an individual need bases inbetween. We worm with Ivomec PLUS injectable, Valbazen and Safeguard (Panure).

    If you are in an area that meningeal worm is a problem- worming more often is required.

    We use Ivomec plus because our animals have access to ponds and streams to drink- so they have the chance of picking up liver flukes. We use 1cc per hunderd pounds.

    Do not use Valbazen for females that are in the first 2/3 of their gestation. We use a little stronger than suggested for sheep.

    Safeguard/Panacure we use the liquid form, as it is more cost effective for a large herd. We use about double the rate for a horse.

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