LMBO! It could only happen to ME!!!!!!!!!


Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!
14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
My first flock is two + years old.
I have wished, prayed, begged for and even considered stealing a broody. I have read every single article on "making" a hen go broody and have tried about 90% of them. I have watched threads on broody hens with alot of interest and read them carefully looking for clues. I have yet to have a broody.
Admitting defeat and ready to handle a second flock, I once again turned to the good people at Ideal Poultry for chicks. I revised my order and added two silkies to it, to guarantee myself a broody out of the new flock.
My new chicks will ship next Wednesday. Ideal has billed my account, so they are bought and paid for.

And now I have a broody hen!!!!!!!!

And not just any hen, but one of my buff hens that I mentally voted as being the least likely to ever go broody.

Tomorrow I'll be reading the articles on how to break a broody.
LOL I think I called that....when you were thinking of ordering chicks...too darned funny....
Good luck with trying to break the broody... or give her like 1 or 2 eggs....
I think the only hen I have that has not gone broody IS my Silkie,,, although one of the eggs that hatched in class has 5 toes,, and other has turned out to be a Frizzle!!

I had just the opposite problem. Had a hen go broody, got her eggs to sit on after 10 days of her never leaving the box (cause I figured that would just be easier than trying to break her) and after 3 days of sitting on the eggs she got spooked by a skunk one night, lost half the eggs and never went back. Go figure!

So my advice for breaking a broody....bring in a skunk!
I hear ya - my oldest hen (turned 2 in April) has suddenly decided she wants to be a momma. The others "visit" her in the coop, and it took her weeks to decide that she really wanted to do this (I'm not certain how I feel about it). So maybe we can hatch together? I figure on letting nature take its course, and put three additional eggs under her yesterday (she is on 4). Whatever you decide - good luck!
Nope, it has to be either/or. I don't have room for both her chicks and the hatchery chicks. I may let her keep two eggs.

ETA: I hate to break it to her, but that dozen "eggs" she's sitting on right now belong on a golf course.
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