Local fox getting to friendly (with us) what shall I do????


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Feb 10, 2011
By all means call animal control! That is too bold even for a pet. Fox are usually not out during the day. I have had odd acting fox I know were rabid that approched my son and myself. Said son dispatches these, and we hand them over to the wild life dept. Sofar all tested positive.
At least it would be better to be safe NOT sorry. Good luck! but until you get help, Becarfull.
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Sep 27, 2011
Fairbanks, Alaska
Actually, the rabies shots did used to be very painful; they were given intraperitoneally, and were just nasty. However, with advances in immunotherapy they different, they are no longer given that way, and they are truly not as onerous as they used to be, and not to be feared. So the people that tell you they are painful probably aren't trying to mislead you or frighten you, they just remember what it was once like, and haven't been updated on the latest practice.

Regardless, not good that a fox is so fearless and aggressive. Notifying animal control is a good idea. Consulting your doctor is probably a good idea too. Your contact was not likely to cause infection, but the disease itself is almost always painful, frightening, and ultimately fatal. I know of only one case that survived. When the consequence of being mistaken is that severe, you don't want to tolerate any level of risk.


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Nov 2, 2009
North Texas
This seems like the scenario to me. I would definately call Animal Control. This is NOT a safe animal to have around, and depending on your area, discharging a firearm, especially at your age, may be illegal. Your other option is to trap him, and have your parents help you dispose of him. He is a public health/safety issue.

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