LOCK DOWN!! Anyone else due the 25th? WE HAVE BABIES AND PICS!! (Pg 4)


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Apr 21, 2009
Grand Blanc, MI
Well... at the prodding of MJ (just kidding) I am posting that we are officially on lockdown. I've got 10 ee eggs from MJ in the ugly bator. It's homemade and this is our first rodeo. I've really excited...
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Me too! I had a boatload of shipped eggs- think I'm down to 10. I've got a bunch of banty cochins, frizzle EEs, and a few wellies & sussex.
I have the 10 ee eggs and then I've got 4 pekin eggs and 2 rouen eggs due the 7th and I think 11 welsh harlequin eggs due the 9th. I want cochins eventually... we need more property. :SIGH
Ahh- banty cochins only need a little room! They don't even go very far free-ranging. I wish we could keep ducks, but our pond dissappears every summer, and the pool thing was a pain in the butt. I LOVE baby duckies!
I'm already over my limit with ducks. I'm allowed 4 or 5 I think and I'm at 7. I just think cochins are so dang cute!!

Pools are a pain, but it's worth it for me. I only change mine every few days. They go down to our pond sometimes too.

I know! I love ducklings. I actually am one of those wierd people who prefer adults to babies. They're less work and I love being able to let them out to free range all day.
I have some due on the 24th and another set due on the 26th. The first set is black orps and I already hear peeps from a few. The other set is Light Sussex that I had in the bator for two weeks then put under a broody. I am so keeping my fingers crossed for those little babies.

Good luck everyone on your hatches!!!
I locked mine down last night too
It looks like all 9 are still alive so
I don't think they are due until Saturday though but I keep reading that silkies tend to hatch early. I did see 2 of the eggs rock once they were out of the turner so that was exciting
One or 2 of the eggs looked completly full except for the air sac the last 2 nights. The rest had a little more room in there.

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