Lock down in 5 days -anyone with me?


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Uxbridge, MA
I have been incubating pekin duck eggs and will hit lockdown in 5 days (Monday the 25th) - This is my first hatch and i'm nervous and excited all at the same time. Anyone else hitting lock down?
Hi! I've got duck eggs that *should be* hatching the 27th. One of my eggs went rotten, so I'm down to eight.
I thought we both set the 29th?
I'm excited --- haven't hatched any 'Lings here since early summer. I set another 20 Pekin and Pied eggs yesterday.
Good Luck!

I think i did set the 29th... And mine are due to hatch on the 27th. Lock down the last 3 days which is the 25th. Right? I had gotten rid of my porous egg, it wasn't doing anything, so I still have 6 out of the original 7.... Good luck with yours.
Yes they are pekins..... This is my first hatch. So on the 24th, I should turn them and increase the humidity at that point? Do I candle before lockdown?
Good luck with your hatch as well adbayer. I hope all is well with your babies. I can't wait. My daughter counts down every morning now before school and crosses off the canlender. I'm not sure who is more excited, her or me.

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