lock down in a brooder box?

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    Jan 19, 2014
    I have a set of eggs that went into the incubator a week earlier than the second set and really don't want to buy another incubator for lock down if I don't have to. Can I do lock down time in a brooder box?
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    Better to build what is called a "hatcher".

    A hatcher is simply an incubator that keep constant and steady heat and humidity, has a fan, but doesn't need to be turned since the eggs are just going to lie still for hatching.

    This frees up your incubator and keeps it clean as well.

    I built a couple for under $30 each, re-purposing a simple foam cooler box, but an old igloo type cooler would work just as well.

    There's are dozens and dozens of videos on YouTube on how to build an egg incubator. Same principles for a hatcher but no concerns about turning the eggs.





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