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    My 2 broodies are on day 17, tommorrow will be 18. So I was wondering, Once they get there first pip near day 21, Will they want to get off the nest for food, Or will something trigger in there broody common sence maybe they should stay on the nest????

    And Suggestions?
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    I've only had two broody hens thus far, and both of them stayed on the nest once the eggs started getting close to hatching. One hatched during summer heat and I KNOW she was miserable. The other hatched in the winter and I think she was thankful for the nice, covered, kitty litter box nest in which she brooded.

    Let me warn ya - you think broody poop is bad now? Wait until you encounter the "haven't gotten up in 2 days" new mother poop!
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    Apr 25, 2010
    Northern WI
    Quote:Oh no! and ill get double hit too, because the 2 broodies are on the day day, 18 [​IMG]
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    Yes there is nothing like the smell of mommy hen poop that they have held in for several days! WHEW!! [​IMG]

    They should stay on the nest the last 3 days just like we simulate lockdown. But this depends on your hen. I have had several get off at weird times. I think by this time the first time moms are getting restless and at their wits end. So I would recommend watching her carefully. Sometimes if they will put up with it, I will bring them in my garage and put a heat lamp up. So when they have the babies, if they don't stay on them then they usually go under the light.

    The best thing would be to check on your mama often! Make sure she is doing her job. Good luck!

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