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9 Years
Apr 23, 2010
Waco, TX
This is my first time and have a LG incubator. My questions are what to do with the plugs for lock down and egg placement after removing the turner, also should I install a tube to add water or just wet all down and hope for the best? Any info would be great Thanks!
Oh can't help you much there. On my genesis I set the plug in the hole at an angle so it holds more humidity in still letting fresh air in too, but i've never used the LG... someone will know.
I havea LG incubator as well and go on lockdown Friday. I plan to add small pieces of unused wash clothes for humidity and adjust the caps based on the humidity readings. If it drops below 65, I will plug them up! I am new to this, and am sure someone will come along to advise us both. I went and bought another LG today to serve as a hatcher. I plan to put unfertile test eggs in there to get the 101 temp at the top of the egg stable by Friday with them laying on the wire bottom. Then Friday I will switch the test eggs out with the hatching eggs from the other LG incubator. I hope this helps and more chime in with ideas and experience!
Well waiting till the last minute as I always do need to lock it down today. So here is what I have done so far... stuck 2 straws in some of the small holes on top to add water if needed, removed the egg turner, filled up all the water spots and locked her down! I too hope for some more info.
Here are some pics of how I set up my LGs to hatch. I also have a thermometer and hygrometer in there (just not shown here. I usually hatch in egg cartons but they last time I had to lay all the eggs on thier sides because there were too many lol. Either way is fine.


Side pic

Shelf liner added.

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